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Cosmic Zoom

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Director: Drawings, Eva Szasz; animation camera, Raymond Dumas, Wayne Trickett, James Wislon; actuality camera, Tony Ianelo. Usually credited to Szasz as director.

Producer/Production company: National Film Board of Canada; US release by McGraw-Hill.

Other noteworthy contributors (actors, cinematographers, music, etc): See above

Date: 1969

Length: 8 minutes

B&w/color: color

UO Library Catalog description: Uses the camera device of the zoom to give an idea of the immeasurable vastness of space and the ultimate minuteness of matter.

Call #: FILM Ma190

Category/genre: Documentary, animation.

#of title in WorldCat: 95

#of title/format in WorldCat: 56

In Internet Archive: No, but full video archived on National Film Board of Canada site.

Copyright Status: Under copyright, in print on DVD.

Preservation Inventory: Excellent condition, no color problems.

Notes: Based on Kees Boeke's essay Cosmic View.


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