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The IQ Myth

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Producer/Production company: Produced by Peter Poor for CBS News; released by Carousel Films.

Other noteworthy contributors (actors, cinematographers, music, etc): Narrated by Dan Rather

Date: 1975

Length: 51 minutes

B&w/color: color

UO Library Catalog description: Describes standard I.Q. tests, shows how they have been used in the past, and examines their use today. Discusses the controversy surrounding the tests and some of the abuses that have accompanied the tests. Narrated by Dan Rather

Call #: FILM Mc218 

Category/genre: documentary

#of title in WorldCat: 63 (VHS)

#of title/format in WorldCat: 1 (ours is not listed)

In Internet Archive: No

Copyright Status: A list of "CBS Reports" were registered in 1975. Although they are not listed by title, it seems safe to assume that this was registered; protected through 2070.

Preservation Inventory:

Notes: This CBS Report was very controversial at its time for how it claimed that IQ essentially doesn't exist and that IQ tests have been misused. It has been cited in numerous scholarly articles about IQ, and continues to be mentioned in the blogosphere.


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